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  Premium Sake
YAEGAKI Dry represents the top of YAEGAKI's domestic sake line. It is made with rice polished to the extent that the nearly 40% of each grain has been polished away, and is brewed at a low temperature for a long period of time.Full-bodied and slightly acidic, YAEGAKI Dry goes well with a wide variety of foods.

Volume:300ml(NEW), 750ml, 1.5L Nihonshu-do:+3
California Ki-Ippon
The world's best ingredients and time-honored traditions are what make the classic taste of California Ki-ippon Dry Sake so unique. Only the best quality California rice is used in the all natural, Preservative-free fermentation process. Hot or cold, smooth Ki-ippon Dry is perfect for any occasion, any time..

Volume:750ml, 1.5L Nihonshu-do:+3 - 5
Premium Dry Arabashiri
Arabashiri means first run sake, a term saved for the finest, purest sake produced. Arabashiri is 100% quality sake. Perfect when served cold, enjoy it over ice, right out of the freezer, or surprisingly delicious as a sake margarita.

Volume:300ml, 1.5L Nihonshu-do:+3 - 5
  Premium Import Sake
The true revival of the classic sake from samurai era. Gentle aroma yet full flavor with clean finish will harmonize with any Asian cuisine.

From Sweet / Dry Rice Polishing Rate
Hyogo Medium Dry Gohyakumangoku 65%
Volume:1.8L Nihonshu-do:+2 Acidity:1.5
MU Junmai-Dai-Ginjo
Winner of Gold medals in the Monde Selection, 8 consecutive years. One of the finest cold sake available in the world. Fruity, dry and perfectly balanced.

From Sweet / Dry Rice Polishing Rate
Hyogo Medium Dry Yamadanishiki 50%
Volume:300ml, 720ml Nihonshu-do:+2 Acidity:1.5
  Cooking Sake
Mirin adds a sweet flavor to sauces and glazes. It is a great substitute for sherry or white wine with suger and it also gives a nice glaze to teriyaki and BBQ sauces.

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