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YAEGAKI Corporation of USA
YAEGAKI has been producing authentic sake since 1987 in U.S. As the U.S. Sake market has matured and people are looking for high quality sake, YAEGAKI Corporation of USA (YCU) was established in 1999 in Vernon, California. Thanks to strong support of consumers, our business has grown accordingly. As part of our continuous effort to provide high quality sake, YCU will open a new brewery in Los Angeles in October 17, 2003. At YCU, we continue to be committed to providing authentic and a high quality sake to consumers in the U.S.

Trusting the power of a single grain
The history of YAEGAKI dates back to 1666. The company started off as a small liquor shop located in Banshu area or the present Himeji City of Hyogo Prefecture. This liquor shop used to release sake "YAEGAKI" which was named after the famous classic poem compiled in Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters). Since then, YAEGAKI has progressed steadily by developing newer technologies and various businesses ranging from brewing business in the early Edo Period to the present-day biotechnology business. Throughout the long period, our motto is "The Power of A Single Grain" As we brew sake by trusting the power of a single rice grain, we also commit ourselves to fostering each employee and each product.

YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits, Inc. now produces mainly handmade sake, i.e. by traditional methods as in the old days. It also has other alcoholic products such as shochu (distilled spirit) and mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine for cooking). YAEGAKI Bio-industry, Inc. has afterwards, established its Yasutomi factory in the neighborhood and is engaged in the production and sales of natural food colors and raw materials for functional foods. YAEGAKI Machinery, Inc. was renamed afterwards, as YAEGAKI Foods & Systems, Inc., which mainly sells brewing machineries (systems), agricultural products processing machineries (systems), and commercial materials, such as functional foods. YAEGAKI Group thus manufactures products, and creates new technologies by exploring the life force. YAEGAKI Technology Development Laboratories is considered to be equivalent to the brain of the group and is supported by the same spirit, which pursues the power of a single grain E

Besides YAEGAKI Corporation of USA, YAEGAKI Group now has 2 more affiliated companies outside of Japan. Shanghai Dong Fa Brewery Co., Ltd. In China, produces white sake to be used as a raw material for mirin. Hacko Corporation in Taiwan is a trading firm, which deals with import & export of YAEGAKI products and raw materials for fermentation process. The importance of these affiliated companies are growing steadily, as they work not only as local business units, but also as our international business centers.

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